AKG C451E Condenser Mic---1959-84
Made from the late 60's through the mid 80,s, the original
AKG C-451 C Condenser Modular System (CMS Series) was
a best-selling chameleon of a mic. It was designed to be
adaptable to nearly any purpose; it could be outfitted with
any of a whole system of modular components such as
screw-on capsule attenuator pads, extension tubes and
swivels that greatly increased its versatility. The original
mic used the N-46E dual-AC power supply that supplied
12-volt phantom power and had a two-position, bass roll-off
filter switch. The mic would accept up to 52-volt phantom
powering without smoking. The original, externally biased
CK-1 capsule had an extremely low mass, making the mic
insensitive to handling noise and a favorite for hand-held
radio and TV use.
Ray Robinson with General Manager Ulric Gouveia